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Luxembourg gets its first green hydrogen charging station

Today, Luxembourg took an important step towards decarbonising mobility by announcing the first commercial green hydrogen station in the country. The Grand Duchy is the European country with the most cars per capita in the EU and it would need a very effective strategy to decarbonise the vehicle fleet.

Hydrogen stations are spread in the Benelux

According to an official statement by the government, the new hydrogen station will be open for business around the end of 2022. It will offer green hydrogen i.e. produced with green energy, for commercial vehicles, meaning personal cars and freight vehicles.

The station will be built at ZAE Wolser A in Bettembourg, at the secure road centre (“CRS”) of the CFL’s Eurohub Sud, as part of the European “H2Benelux” project. The H2Belenux project, on the other hand, is spearheaded by the EU Commission and it calls for constructing eight hydrogen stations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Build it and they will come

Luxembourg’s Minister for Mobility, François Bausch, was quoted in a press statement, explaining that the new hydrogen station would be part of Europe’s Fit for 55 package – reducing emissions across the bloc by 55% by 2030.

One particular sector that should see a major shift until the end of the decade is transport, both freight and people. By adopting a hydrogen policy early, Minister Bausch explained that Luxembourg could become an important transit hub for the single market.

Cross-border traffic is actually the biggest draw for the hydrogen station and possibly as it presents the only viable consumer option at the moment. This is because there are only two registered hydrogen vehicles in the Grand Duchy at moment – a truck and a car.