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Green Hydrogen: An untapped investment opportunity (Energy Expert)

«The world must now establish an effective and real partnership to develop green hydrogen produced from renewable electricity,» energy expert Imed Derouiche said at a conference on “Green Hydrogen” held at the World Bank headquarters, on the 2023 Spring Meetings.

Derouiche said that Tunisia, which launched a green hydrogen project for sustainable development and a decarbonised economy in 2022, could be the first exporter of this energy to Europe and benefit from the Tunisia-Italy gas pipeline to ensure exports.

The expert believed inefficient legislation and, above all, financial resources are not a major obstacle to the development of green hydrogen, given the opportunities offered by countries wishing to exploit hydrogen through the European Hydrogen Bank.

The expert stressed that it is time for Tunisia to invest, to produce green hydrogen and to simplify the administrative procedures, especially regarding the granting of permits and incentives, especially since it can be produced in remote regions.

He said that STEG can produce and consume green hydrogen at the same time, as it currently produces the renewable energy used to produce green hydrogen.

The expert stressed that the production of green hydrogen in Tunisia will contribute to reducing the energy deficit and increasing export revenues, given the high profitability of this sector and its employment capacity, as the production sites are located in the interior. It will also contribute to climate protection by reducing CO2 emissions.

Green hydrogen can be produced from electricity generated from renewable energy sources (wind, solar and hydro). Green hydrogen is a clean energy because it does not contain greenhouse gases. It can help Tunisia achieve its carbon neutrality targets.


Khadija Bouselmi

Source : TAP