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Aramco announces $1.5bn Sustainability Fund

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Aramco recently revealed a major initiative, introducing one of the world’s largest venture capital funds focused on sustainability. The $1.5 billion Sustainability Fund, announced at the Future Investment Initiative’s sixth edition, aims to foster investment in technologies crucial for a balanced and inclusive shift in energy sources. Overseen by Aramco Ventures, this fund aligns with Aramco’s objective to satisfy increasing energy demands while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. It targets investments in various areas including carbon capture, energy efficiency, and new lower-carbon fuels, supporting Aramco’s 2050 net-zero goal for its operations. Additionally, Aramco has engaged in the MENA region’s inaugural voluntary carbon credits auction, a step towards establishing a regional carbon market in Saudi Arabia by 2023. This move reflects Aramco’s broader strategy to address climate change through innovation and partnerships, aiming for a sustainable energy transition with reduced emissions.

In a significant development, Aramco has launched a groundbreaking Sustainability Fund with a $1.5 billion investment, positioning it among the largest sustainability-focused venture capital funds globally. This initiative, part of Aramco’s strategy to integrate sustainability in its core operations, was announced at the prestigious Future Investment Initiative. Managed by Aramco Ventures, the fund is a pivotal extension of Aramco’s commitment to meeting the world’s escalating energy needs while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
In alignment with these goals, Aramco has set ambitious targets to achieve net-zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its operated assets by 2050. This is further complemented by interim targets set for 2035, aimed at significantly reducing or mitigating net Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions.
Through these comprehensive measures, Aramco is positioning itself as a leader in the global energy sector’s transition towards more sustainable practices.