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Mission and vision

H2G-HUB is an international organization that specializes in the promotion of the Hydrogen industry. H2G-HUB will provide a meeting ground between governments, investors, and international civil society organizations with expertise in this field.

Studies can help us understand how we can process to transform consciousness to action, and action to behavior change.

H2G-HUB was created as a network of local offices coordinated by an international headquarters. All the local offices will work together on global training programs, events and communication strategies. The headquarters will support the local offices in promoting their activities on the local level.

Since our launch, we opened an office in both, Tunisia and Egypt, and we are currently in the process of opening an office in Oman and other countries in the region.

We believe in sustainable solutions to save the earth from the ecological disaster caused by humans las centuries.

We believe in better quality of living for our kids, animals and nature.

We know the problem; we have the solutions.

Let’s do it for a better future.